Description: Item #14010 - Hand Stamp (SMALL).
Character(s): Up to3 Rows of 5 Letters, Numbers, or Special Keyboard Characters.

Our standard utility font including special keyboard characters can be found HERE.

When choosing a stamp that has 5 characters on any line there is a 6th character available in the form below. It is meant for use ONLY as a space! If additional spaces are required on any given line you will need to use some of the 5 characters.

5 CHARACTER MAX. PER LINE. If an order comes through with 6 characters on any given line that does not include at least 1 space your order can not be processed.

Impression Size: Up to 1/4" (6.5mm) Square, Depending on Model Ordered.
Material: A2 Tool Steel Hardened to 58-60 Rockwell with Crowned Hammer Striking End.
Overall Dimensions (Inch):

     Overall Dimensions (Metric):
3/8" Square x 3" Length OR 1/4" x 3/8" x 3" Length. (Depending how many lines/model ordered.)

     10mm Square x 100mm Length OR 7mm x 10mm x 75mm Length. (Depending how many lines/model ordered.)
Price: $105.00 + $5.95 US S&H

Make Sure to Select the Correct Model #

[LINE 1]

[LINE 2] (If Used)

[LINE 3] (If Used)

Additional Information:

Our Custom Steel Hand Stamps are used for hand held hammer struck applications. Stamp anything you own, whether for business or personal use. Permanently mark any type ofmetal, steel, leather, plastic or wood. Common uses are for marking Tools, Manufacturing/Product Identification, Jewelry, Precious Metals, Anti-Theft Prevention,Pottery, etc...

ANY of the above 8 Model Numbers are available at the same cost.

This is our SMALL size stamp. If you require a larger stamp (Click Here.)

Stamps are made using all CAPITAL LETTERS.

Part #375125-1 is a good item to help prevent tool theft. Mark items with your initials in plain site as well as in hidden locations for later recovery in the unfortunate event the item is stolen.

Please use a ruler or the like to get an idea of what the actual impression size will be. The images shown are being viewed at approximately 5x their actual size depending on your monitors resolution setting.

Also note that any background (flat areas) on stamp are trimmed off the surface as to not interfere when marking your parts.

Please allow 5-10 business days for your order to ship after it has been placed.

- - - - -

Do you have a custom stamp-configuration, logo, or design not shown?

If you are unable to order a stamp as per the various models shown, an estimate can be provided. Please submit the following information:

For text that may be larger or of a different configuration please specify the approximate character height. Also, specify the EXACT size (height/width) of the overall impression you would like to make. Whether it's 1 or more line(s) and/or of varying character heights.

For a Logo or Design solid black and white artwork (no shading) will work best. Specify the EXACT size (height/width) of the impression you would like to make.

 If possible, it is helpful and cost effective that this artwork is in the form of a vector line drawing. (For example: Adobe .ai or .eps, Autocad .dwg or .dxf). We can work off off any type of any image as well, .jpg .tif . gif etc... These types of artwork submissions require more work in comparison with clean vector line drawings. If your submission is in the latter format please make sure it is the largest resolution available.

We do not require dimensions or pictures of your product, work piece, tag size, etc... It would be for you to engineer what size overall impression will fit on your item.

Also note that we can manufacture stamps that mark on a curved or irregular surface if provided with the geometry.

Thank you.




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For added safety and accuracy include our Stamp Holder with your order. To view this item (CLICK HERE).