Description: Item #14000 - Custom Made to Order Concrete Stamp
Character(s): 3 Rows of 12 Characters.

There is a 13th character available on each line in the form below that is meant for use ONLY as a space! If additional spaces are required on any given line between word(s) you will need to use some of the 12 characters.

If an order comes through with 13 characters on any given line that does not include at least 1 space your order can not be processed.

Impression Size (Inch): 1" Characters to Imprint in 4" x 8" Area @ 7/32" Depth
Material: Rubber Compound
Overall Dimensions (Inch): 5" Width x 9" Length x 3/8" Overall Thickness
Price: $160.00 + $7.95 US S&H

[LINE 1]

[LINE 2] (If Used)

[LINE 3] (If Used)


Leave a lasting impression on your next job, whether for business or personal use.  Mark your company name, address, website, phone number, year poured, slogan or anything else you desire.  This custom stamp is available as shown, personalized with 3 lines of text.  Each line may have up to 12 characters.  This is an excellent way to get your name out there and generate repeat business!

Our stamps have been engineered and time tested by industry professionals.  The font was specifically designed for this application.  Notice the basic curved letter structure and mono spacing with a specific distance between all characters.  Also, the face of the lettering has a slight radius with a 10 degree clearance angle on the sidewall.  This allows for easy penetration and removal from the concrete.

(Your custom lettering will be stamped in reverse of what is shown above.)

Easy to Use!

Step 1:  Press stamp into concrete at desired setting time.  It is very helpful to have a rubber mallet on hand.
Step 2:  Remove and brush concrete surface.
Step 3:  Clean-up ~ Rinse with water after each use.

Forgot to rinse off and concrete is set up on the stamp?  No problem, pound off, twist stamp, smack it on the ground.  Don't worry you really can't damage it.  We know your concrete workers are tough on tools. Our rubber compound used in manufacture is equivalent to a car tire!

Stamps are made using all CAPITAL LETTERS.

It is not necessary to use all 3 lines if not needed. This will not effect the price if less than 3 lines are used.

Allow 5-7 days to receive your stamp after order has been placed.



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